allison argent + light colors for neatomagneato

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Daenerys Targaryen meme + (2/6) traits or emotions ► 500% done with your shit

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The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) dir. Wes Anderson

now and then

A number of years ago, while suffering from a mild case of ‘Scribe’s Fever’ (a form of neurasthenia common among the intelligentsia of that time), I had decided to spend the month of August in the spa town of Nebelsbad below the Alpine Sudetenwaltz — and had taken up rooms in the Grand Budapest — a picturesque, elaborate, and once widely celebrated established. I expect some of you will know it. It was off-season and, by that time, decidedly out-of-fashion; and it had already begun its descent into shabbiness and eventual demolition.

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Emilia Clarke outtake from The Observer | photographed by Patrick Fraser

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i don’t think you understand my level of commitment to my job here

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I eat romantic shit up. If I were asked to just sit on a roof and look at the stars id probably internally combust

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August 21st - There is only One Direction to get to the International Space Station: up. Today, Niall Horan of the band One Direction visited NASA’s Johnson Space Center. He had a chance to see the Mission Control Center, hang out with some astronauts in the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility, shake Robonaut’s hand and check out the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory.

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My wants are simple: a job that I like and a guy whom I love.
Emily Giffin, Something Borrowed (via ahwahreh)
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"I feel like I’ve really earnt my stripes - I feel ready to play a lead. I would just love to prove I’m good enough to carry a project."

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if you keep reblogging celebs dumping water all over themselves, even if you’re not, please watch this. please please please watch this.

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the face of parenthood

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This isn’t going to end with us burying the pieces of his body out in the desert, is it?

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One Direction Midnight Memories album liners +

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